SH Pharmaceuticals is one of the Classical players in the Indian formulations market with a history of 30 Plus Years. SH Pharmaceuticals is improving its market share in Anti-Allergic Market, Alday is its biggest brand, contributes over Rs.10 crores per annum and has also expanded its product portfolio by entering newer therapeutic areas. In the recent past, SH Pharmaceuticals has been launching its new product ALDAY 3D to strengthen its current basket of Anti-Allergic Products and also some new products with first mover advantage to have strong presence in Gynecological, Pain & General segments.

For the first time in India, SH Pharmaceuticals has launched a Neutraceutical product EPOMUST for Women’s Healthcare & also few health supplements for use of Cardiac and Diabetic Patients. SH Pharmaceuticals has developed a unique sugar free Haematinic liquid preparation and launched for the first time in India, Ferodyt Suspension for general weakness and Iron deficiency anemia. These strategic initiatives have helped SH Pharmaceuticals to make a strong entry into Gynecological and Wellness segments.

SH Pharmaceuticals has another strong brand in its basket; ALTIME CF a unique sugar free cough formula, which holds the leading position in cough market. Being a second biggest brand for the company, Altime CF is further strengthened with launch of Altime LS, a cough formula with advantage of Levosalbutomol.

SH Pharmaceuticals has skilled & dedicated field staff across India. East Zone contributes highest sales followed by South, West & North zones. SH Pharmaceuticals has highest sales from West Bengal state and to maximize its growth, launched a new division in West Bengal state with a specific focus on Gastro and Gynecological specialized products.  Bihar is second biggest contributor to its sales, expanded its field operations well across the state to grab the potential exist in Bihar state. As per the AWACS, SH Pharmaceuticals ranked among the top 20 companies in covered market in the regions namely i.e. No.4 ranked in Jharkhand, No.8 ranked in Bihar, No.9 ranked in North East, No.11 ranked in Kolkata, No.13 ranked in North AP, No.14 ranked in South AP, No.17 ranked in Odisha & Telangana and No.18 ranked in Rest of West Bengal.

In the mission to eradicate anemia among Indian women population, SH Pharmaceuticals has organized anemia detection camps in various parts of the country with the help of Gynecologists. The dedicated field staff has put up an excellent show in various occasions and distributed free samples of Ferodyt capsules and Ferodyt Suspension to anemic patients.